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w.e [
January 14, 2006 ]
[ mood | angry ]

On the phone with angel kinda upset but...idk why.
Dont really have a reason idk why but im mad.

Like cira will know later and well i think..i just do..
but ehh...you know forget it..

Yesterday was boring as fuck school sucked and then the nite time sucked cuz like i didnt go to the movies adn i was supposed too!!arg!w.e i dont care.

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January 11, 2006 ]
[ mood | Tierd,Hungry,Hurt, ]

A few seconds ago i was vroke now im not!!
woot go tio thomas!!

Today was coo i guess.
Like in 01rd period my teacher said
Teahcer:"You know ou remind me of Emily Rose."
Teacher:Your head turns around a lot
So i moved and she goes
Teacher:What i like about you NO ADITUDE!!!=)))
It was so funny.

And in third some little kid Micheal that i hate from the TOP of my heart.
Was btohering me so much and then angel some othr kid was there and i was like angel sit behind me.
and he sat behind me then micheal goes your in my seat and i go oh well.
and angel laughs then this happend
Angel moves micheal comes up to me bothers me and i go
Me:Angel he called you a pussy
Angel:who him?
Micheal:no i didnt
Me:Yeah you did
Micheal:Damn lil pussy
They start a fight an dits my fault it was hilarious and angel goes oh hit me c'mon hit me and the other kid walked away and everyone was like MICHEALS A PUSSY!!!!

Then i had dance practice after school and like i looked at my knees and i have a bruise (beacuse we have to do a leap and land on our knees) and it doesnt hurt but like when i land on it yeah it does and my thighs hurt too so wehn we get up its really hard for me.
So w.e i ket dancing and like when i did a move my toe hit this thing in the ground and my nail bent back now i have a bruise on my toe nail thing.


Well i shouldnt be on i will be back around 7.
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Bleh [
January 10, 2006 ]
[ mood | blah ]

Some people are dumb as all hell.
Like why are you goiong to cheat on people ya know?
Liek if you dont want them then why are you with them?
Like yeah you dont want to hurt them so you say yes.
But like you dont want to say no and hurt them but you go off and cheat on them?
Yeah that wont make them sad at all.
DAMN people are fucking stupid when that person is gone like the person that cheated will relize what he/she has lost and how wounderful everything was when they were together and now that they arent how miserable she/he is without them and they want him/her back.Then they wont accept them back.People need to like relize and stuff.
Im not sayin that it has or is happening to me.
One of my friends is and like it makes me really sad.
Cuz like wtf?!
And she/he is using him cuz he/she is using one of them for her birthday cuz he/she promised to buy and MP3 player for him/her.Crap is dumb and sad.

On the other hand...
i almost lost my bus.
forgot my stuff for school
an extra pair of pants for dance
my cell
and well it sucked.
Me and diana were gonna sneak out of 06 period and she told me to check and the ladey was like i was looking for you!!And then i said "WHAT IM PLAYING HIDE AND SEEK. DAMN!!"

I had dance practice today and like it was normal.
Added more to the dance and like yeah w.e
I have it again tomorrow till 5:30.
Yeah well thats like all thats happened.

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January 4, 2006 ]
[ mood | sick ]

Okay today was good.
I switched out of sign language classs it got kinda boring but umm w.e and like I know most of it anyway she just keeps going on about same things over and over and like never moves on but w.e again.

Homeroom was good there was a sub for 02 and duh we talked and fourth the teachdr calle dme and diana up nd told us about the referl but we didnt seem to care.

When the bell rang we went to student services and switched our stuff changed now i have Mr.Cole for 06!!=)Im one of his "advanced" students!!COOLIO!!

Wanna know something i forgot to share yesterday?

I was drinking the apple juice and like saw somethign inthe juice and my friend looked at the milk and saw the date it expired DECEMBER 22,2005 i swear then i saw everyones juice and white clumps of crap in it and like i was disgusted and OMGosh i went to one of our principles and said pointed it out she didnt do SHIT and now i feel so bad like my tummy hurts i didnt eat breakfast,lunch,nor ave i yet to eat dinner.If I get really sick i dont know what im going to do and i cant tell my parents cuz i was skipping OMG like damn im going to tell someone to go for me maybe my sister will.=).Hopefully cuz if i get sick umm im going to go crazy i feel like shit.

And last night i was one the phone and i swallowed a ball from like my gauge. it was omg so fucking nasty!!And AIM wont download and AOL dialer aint working so if anything my sn is retro chula20 when she died it was the 20th ='(.

Cira i need your helperz!!

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Lately... [
January 3, 2006 ]
[ mood | Playful ]

Y«[..do youo see them??I hope!!
Okay people.
Whats up?
ƒ...do you see that or is it just an f?
If you see it AWESOME!!!

And for my birthday i got a digital camera!!!

Well my winter break was okay good and bad and horrible stuff happened..
Bad news first.
žDog Chula pasted away on the 20.
žSo many fights between people..
good news
žPenelope my ear pericing was born on new years eve...lol
žI got a computer and alot of DORA stuff!
žI was with people i really care for..
Thanks to them it was the best!!

Me and Angel made 1 month on the 18 of December.=).
His birthday is tomorrow.

School has been good..the friends..kinda ugh idk!!
Kinda skiped 04th period yesterday.
umm was at Coles all day.=).
I was ont he phone with el angelito who told me to go back to class but i didnt have a good excuse.
And school today was horrible i fell asleep in EVERY class today every single one i went to bed at 10:30 yesterday wtf!?
I have been listening to just about every type of music and i love it!!
People at school are like "OH ADRIENNE = PIMP!! hehhahhehahehahea"
I have more friends listening to a viarty of music and its good.
I have been nicer to people at school too but not Genesis shes kinda bleh now like ew w.e go to hell.

well Im out ahve a nice day and hopefullly you all had a nice new years and christmas!!

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January 2, 2006 ]
i got a computer yay!
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December 21, 2005 ]
[ mood | hungry ]



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Happy birfday!! [
December 11, 2005 ]
[ mood | calm ]

Oh my gosh!!
03 peoples birthday so far this month!!

So happy birthday to paul elsita and last but not least percy!!!=)

Anyway..How am I a hypocrit if you know i would love for you to tell me.

Things have been going good.
Went to the mall yesterday it was fun.
Today i cut my hair and put purple and red hair dye.=).
My hair is short.
Like a bit ppast my shoulders.
But its nice.

We put some purple and red dye in juniors hair but not visable.
But when he goes outside when the suns out you can see it abit.
Cira got purple too!!

Cira is sleepin'
and well i think people are outside.

Umm im signin up for miami lakes tech but have second thoughts..
01)Its gonna be way harder.
02)not really that fun.I will be missin all the action over at hialeah high!!
03)My friednds well most of them will be at hialeah high.
so yeah.

Might get a computer in two weeks..
That has been said for about one year.
Well..its quiet and its bothering me..
quietness is too loud.


A picture..woo!!
Us dyin our hair.

Dear Santa...

Dear Santa,

This year I've been busy!

In January I ruled Iran as a cruel and heartless dictator (-700 points). Last Sunday I ruled Canada as a kind and benevolent dictator (700 points). In August I farted in an elevator (-6 points). In November I gave fotogenic_pizza a life-saving blood transfusion (50 points). In April I gave eatmyinfection a Dutch Oven (-10 points).

Overall, I've been nice (34 points). For Christmas I deserve a new bike!


Write your letter to Santa! Enter your LJ username:

i saved you my firend yxsa!!
Andlookie sam gets a dutch oven yay for you huh!?...
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Let the bass from the speakers run through ya sneakers [
December 4, 2005 ]
[ mood | sore ]

Things that have happened that i havent put in my last post and if i did oh well sorry...

Umm.. lets see..
I me ADRIENNE made the dance team..yup me =).
i just turned 15.
I took off my fake nails with a pin..
Half of my pinky nail is missin.
umm..Went to ashleys work yesterday had fun people are so kind!!

I didnt get something i was supposed to get last month...
Kinda scary...

The only person i actually give permission to beat me up is my family (junior,Ash,Cira) and unless YOU have a good reason pick a fight if you dont..then dont touch me..
You have no reason yet you go and hit me who the fuck do you think you are?I didnt do shit and you make me all red on my arm..And you look at it and decide to hit it again.Just cuz your mad at someone else cuz they couldnt go dont mean you can beat me up.Pick on people who are like your size..Your a pussy thats probably why you dont.
I dont wanna be friends with someone who hurts me like you did a couple fridays ago.
A slap here and there okay but you took bit a bit to far.
So by now on i dont know you.
Once i say stop..I mean it..
I dotn say it just to waste my fuckin breath.

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November 27, 2005 ]
[ mood | Hurt ]

Yeah yesterday I went to main street with a lot of people it was fun.

Today went to the park with a lot of people and rent bikes but like..
Angel tried to take the bike away and the pedal made my foot like bend backwards..
It huts like a bitch.
Me and jenny went down a big hill on those bikes almost fell and became accident number 2.

Now people are sneakin out.
I was havin fun but like..they had to leave.

Oh well im out.


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November 25, 2005 ]
Im 15 and later gonna see santa with my friends..
Santa is well santa.

Ya well thanks giving was my b-day.
A lot of people wished me a hapy b-day..yay
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Oh gosh.. [
November 22, 2005 ]
[ mood | bouncy ]

Look im updating!!
Anyway CICI did my jounral..yay..its pretty now.
Well typing with nails is hard as all hell.
Well I made the dance team at my school..yup me.
I did my eyebrows though they look pretty much the same but whatever.

Tomorrow im taking 16 pictures cuz well the 24 is my birfday yupyup.
Mom aint gonna take pictures with me but oh well..umm anyway

I stayed after school with Diana today and Genesis too people were playing soccer..
So i screamed the opposit..HOME RUN!!!!! and Diana screamed TOUCH DOWN!!

Hey everyone i got my house phone back its about damn time.
All cuz of wilma my phone died but its back up today.
I was getting kinda mad so yeah my phone people gave ittome today for my birthday..

I got a digital camera for my birthday and a computer should be coming in by monday..
..I was told..hope its true.

I got lordsof dogtown DVD omg..its sad like really i cried at the end..
heh.yeah umm thats it homies.

Oh and a couple of weekends ago the drummer of bayside died...='(!
Well imout fer reals.


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November 15, 2005 ]
[ mood | sad ]

Whats up man?
Like yeah im in this teachers room and using her computer and like Diana is giving me fanta now.
now im drinking it..And i kinda left her very little.
But long time no writing yeap and well I went to a show on saturday..
Gotta go bye!!

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September 24, 2005 ]
[ mood | happy ]

Aye aye aye I havent updated in a long ass time.
Like Daaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaang!!
Well last saturday fun stuff started happening like I went to my cousins new house and people were there and we had fun blah blah then sunday me adn junior and jenny went to sears and played hide and go seek it was soo fun!!

Then school..I cant beleive how boring it has gotten and its like only the second month.
Like people at my school are so dumb its like OH MY GOD!!!RFBRTQHGVERWFTGCQA!
I want to kill people.
And people come up to me like hey adrienne its like..just go away..but they dotn listen no why listen to Adrienne?Uhh..Thursday was open house jenny and junior went and signed all the papers it was so fun Ms.Rodriguez beleived he was 18 what a loser man fer realz.

Then yesterday friday football game I saw plenty of people there I knew and yeah it was fun but we lost 16 to 30 yeah "H.M.L suck a dick"Me and samanthas song.hehe.yesterday was just so happy and fun it was crazy.

Then today I came to my moms where I am nowz and I want to listen to music but mom and Albert are watching Kevin James.Yeah well I will write later people see you laterz!!

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September 3, 2005 ]
[ mood | happy ]

At my moms computers still broken but oh well.
There is a lot to talk about but i tell these stories to people I normaly talk to and well./
The people I dont really talk to wont really care so yeah.
Im tlakin on the phone a lot and its like good cuz im forgetting about the computer.
Like the computer is just there now and like whatever.
I have more fun on the phone.
Yup same number.
well if i have something to write i'll say it later.

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August 14, 2005 ]
[ mood | sad ]

Today=final day.
Till like 3 million years..so it seems.
This week sucked big balls.
First Mrs.rodrgiguez calls my house for fuckin lookin at her.
Bow im sickererer.
Someone says there gonna buy me applejuice and i dont want them to!!=|
K.I need My dr.pepper.NOW.=P
And I dont know school just sucks.

I went bowling with ash and her friends last night.
It was funny.
But of course being the boring one I didnt bowl.
I would have probably got gutter ball every time i played.
thats all.Seee ya till like next month.

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August 13, 2005 ]
[ mood | busy ]

My computer is broken.='(
At the moment im at my moms house.
Yeah.I had fun today but everyone is IMing me k.
So IM a bit busy I guess.
Well maybe it will be fixed by the end of the month.
love love

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